Bungie releases Destiny concept art

Bungie releases Destiny concept art

Halo maker issues official screenshot from studio’s upcoming title; confirmed details in leaked marketing document outing story and concept art details as authentic.

Bungie To Release 4 Destiny Games! New Artwork Revealed!

New artwork and details of Bungie’s latest game Destiny have emerged!

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Source: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2012/11/28/destiny-story-details-concept-art-leaked?utm_campaign=ign+main+twitter &utm_source=twitter &utm_medium=social

Bungie’s New Game Destiny! Artwork & Story Details Revealed!

Guys, some really exciting news has emerged about Bungie’s next game, Destiny. If you’re a Halo fan who’s been following Bungie since Combat Evolved launched 10 years ago, this news will blow your mind!

Source 1: Kotaku http://kotaku.com/5963807

Source 2: Bungie http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews &cid=32235

UPDATE: There are even more artwork pics here: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2012/11/28/destiny-story-details-concept-art-leaked

Bungie News: Destiny Story Details & Concept Art Leaked

Bungie (The Creator’s of Halo) New IP titled Destiny is leaked. Another Halo ?

According to a leaked document, “Our story begins seven hundred years from now in the Last City on Earth, in a Solar System littered with the ruins of man’s Golden Age. A massive, mysterious alien ship hangs overhead like a second Moon. No one knows where it came from or what it’s here for, but only that it’s our protector. Meanwhile, strange, alien monsters creep in from the edge of the universe, determined to take Earth and the Last City. We are young ‘knights’ tasked with defending the remains of humanity, discovering the source of these monsters and — eventually — overcoming it.”

Destiny – All Brand New 50+ Concept Art From Bungie GDC 2013

At Bungies GDC panel on the creation behind destiny, they showed of over 50 pieces of concept art. Some stuff never to be seen in the game and some giving us a glimpse into the areas we will be adventuring into and the characters we will be able to make and come across in the huge universe. That is Destiny. Feel Free to leave a Like And Subscribe for more news and info on Destiny as it is revealed. =^._.^=

Destiny OST – Be Brave
Destiny OST – Eighth
John Dreamer – End of My Journey
8Dawn – This Is Why I Was Born
Artist Unknown – Whose for an adventure
John Dreamer – Becoming A Legend
Destiny OST Cover – Be Brave | Piano Version

Originally screened as part of Bungie’s GDC 2013 presentation, this video provides a rare glimpse into the character art, development, and design of Destiny — from early sketches and concept art, to animation and in-engine 3D character models.