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Some new things brewing for 2023…

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Skater XL on PS5 Hits Different… | Skater XL

Skater XL on PS5 Hits Different… As you guys saw from my last video, I caved in and got a PS5. I mainly got it for Playstation exclusives, but I’ve never in my entire life owned a Playstation so I thought it could be fun to try out Skater XL on a next gen console! To be honest, it was about what I expected. It DEFINITELY ran smoother than my old Xbox One and I found myself really enjoying it! It’s not PC Skater XL, but it’s definitely fun. Let me know what else you wanna see my play on the PS5!

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Oh, you’re still reading the description? That’s kinda weird. I guess I’ll tell you a bit about myself. My name is Garrett Ginner, I like skateboarding, playing video games, and having fun. I have my main channel where I post vlogs and that kinda stuff, and I decided to start this channel because I’ve always had a love for playing video games. Now, I’m not actually good at any video games, so I spend a lot of my time playing action games like Skater XL, Descenders, Beam NG, Skate 3, etc. but I’m always looking for new games to play. Ok I really don’t know what to type here so I’m just gonna stop. Bye now.

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Father Son Video Game Time! This was a lot of fun! I hope you guys dug watching us mess around with Skater XL. Anyone who checks out @TacoGameTime thank you! More videos are always on the way so stay tuned!

New Skater XL Map by Official Map Maker!

Map download: https://skaterxl.old.mod.io/fermside-pier

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About Skater XL:
Skater XL on steam: http://bit.ly/SkaterXLsteam

Skater XL is the evolution of skateboarding gameplay. With it’s Independent Foot Control System and unique physics-based gameplay, skate gamers finally have the expressive controls they have always dreamed of.

Dive into skateboarding paradise with levels that feature famous skate landmarks and environmental elements, including Downtown LA, the ginormous The Big Ramp, Easy Day High School, and community created maps like Grant Park, Hüdland and Streets. Play as some of today’s top skateboarding pros Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith, Tom Asta and Brandon Westgate, or customize and create your own skateboarding legend with gear from more than 30 real skate brands. Skater XL is truly the skateboarding world’s digital counterpart.

Skater XL features include:

Freedom Of Expression – Skater XL’s physics-based controls don’t have any pre-programmed tricks – only the movement through the thumbsticks. Each thumbstick is connected to the corresponding foot of the skater and as the player moves the stick, the board instantly responds. Much like a musical instrument, the player has complete freedom, whether it be pushing to nail a line or skating free from.

Multiplayer Free Skate – Link up and skate with your friends in groups of up to 10 players and shoot replays together.

Real Life Iconic Locations – Skater XL levels are all inspired real-world skate areas and designed to ensure a constant flow of skate lines. From the DTLA Map with skateboarding landmarks around the Staples Center and LA Convention Center, to Easy Day High School’s sprawling campus of iconic skate spots like the Wallenberg Big 4 and the ‘Leap of Faith’, to the humongous ‘Big Ramp,’ where skaters can soar higher than a hawk.

Play As Real-Life Skate Pros – Select from renowned pros Tiago Lemos, Brandon Westgate, Evan Smith, and Tom Asta, all with their own distinct gear that fits their style.

Customizable Characters – The possibilities are endless to personalize the Skater XL experience. Players can customize their entire look, including their skater’s gear with different tees, hoodies, hats and shoes from over 30 of the most recognized skate brands like Vans, Santa Cruz, DC Shoes, Independent, Lakai and many more.

Trick Challenges – Hundreds of challenges with progressive difficulties, to help build your bag of tricks as you move further toward the completing them all. Can check off the entire list??

Dive into a passionate community with more than 100,000 members in Discord (the biggest Discord in the World for reference is Fortnite at 500k, amazing given that Skater XL is still in Early Access!) who create online zines, video parts, fakeskate brands, and hundreds of mods. Players can become part of a bigger ecosystem and join the digital skateboarding subculture where they can share their creativity on the newly launched Skater XL modding hub, Skaterxl.mod.io.

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