Xbox 360 promoted to Elite

Xbox 360 promoted to Elite

A new $479 black, HDMI-enabled, 120GB version of Microsoft’s latest console will arrive on April 29; $179 120GB HDD add-on to be sold separately; Sony unimpressed.

RROD Xbox 360 Elite 0002 – Problem NOT Solved

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If you got any ideas feel free to share.
Works SOMETIMES! Internet works when board runs.
MOSFET’s look good (No burns)
Caps look good (No bulging)
Board is nice and clean.
X-Clamp done with 5m supplies nylon on both sides. (no hardware touching)

Building the Ultimate Xbox 360

The Microsoft Xbox 360 was THE game console but how does it handle the ultimate treatment?
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I Bought 2 UNTESTED Xbox 360 ELITE Consoles in 2021… I GOT SCREWED!

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I decided to buy 2 more untested Xbox 360 consoles… (I bought 3 untested xbox 360 consoles from goodwill a while back). For this video, I bought 2 untested Xbox 360 ELITE consoles – 1 from eBay and 1 from Mercari. Buying untested consoles is sketchy, and this is my first time purchasing from Mercari, so check out the video to see how it went…

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Xbox 360 Slim Console: https://amzn.to/3yoXA2k

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I gained access to a 12 year old Xbox 360 account… This is what I found…(Xbox 360 Nostalgia)

On June of 2010, I created an Xbox 360 account because my main account was banned. Once my ban was lifted, I gave the account to my little sister, who passed away 10 years later. She last used the account in 2010. Ever since then, for the past 12 YEARS, this account has NOT been used or signed in. It simply remained on Xbox as other inactive gamertags that have last been online 12+ years ago…

Only recently, I finally regained access to that account after plugging in an old hard drive to my original Xbox 360 where the account was. I saw the email used for that account which I forgotten long ago. After multiple failed password attempts to gain access to that account, I finally typed in the correct password. The Microsoft Security advised me to reset my password, which I did. After I reset the password, I was able to sign into that account after 12 years of being offline and not used since 2010. The last game played on this account was MW2 (2009), along with World at War (2008), and Beatles Rock Band (2009). NO other games have been used with this account.

The recent players on this account date all the way back to 12 years ago, when MW2 was the most recent Call of Duty game and Xbox 360 was the most played gaming console on the market (before the Xbox 360 Slim). The recent players are mostly inactive and have since not used their accounts. It was basically a ghost town of gamertags that moved on and stopped playing Xbox which was sort of emotional as an Xbox gamer myself… The friends on this account are no longer active and haven’t been signed in since 2010-2013. All of the friends that were on this account have moved on with their lives and perhaps witnessed how this account went dead since 2010.

Everything on this account will be untouched and will remain as sort of a “museum of nostalgia” on the Xbox 360. I will from time to time log into this account. But no recent players will be added on this account to show respect to my little sister and the players who have not been online since 2010 during the nostalgic MW2 days.

Music in this video:
Lonely – Emotional Piano / Violin Instrumental *FREE* �� ��
produced by Flavour Beat.

Bensound – Better Days

BatchBug – Playing In The Wind