You Can Pet The Heavily Armed Robodog In Battlefield 2042

You Can Pet The Heavily Armed Robodog In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042’s Ranger is a good boy. Just don’t be too close when it self-destructs.

BATTLEFIELD 2042 Robot Dog Scene!

Battlefield 2042 (Battlefield 6) has officially been revealed! Check out the robot dog scene from the trailer.
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You Can Pet Your Dog (Ranger) in BF2042 – Battlefield 2042 #Shorts

Just a short video of my petting my good boi in Battlefield 2042

Credit to Discord user: dog driving car

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You Can Pet the Ranger in Battlefield 2042 – SECRET EASTER EGG

You Can Pet the Ranger in Battlefield 2042 – New Easter Egg
All you have to do is ping somewhere upen up the command cosole and pres the interact button once after go next to the robot dog and hold the interact button and boom.
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You can pet the robot dog in Battlefield 2042 (Easter egg)

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